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BattleCalc! A Combat Calculator for Starfleet Commander

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Ship nameAttackerDefender
Hermes Probe
Helios Satellite----
Atlas (Small Cargo)
Hercules (Large Cargo)
Artemis Fighter
Apollo Fighter
Dionysus Recycler
Poseidon Cruiser
Gaia Colony Ship
Athena Battleship
Ares Bomber
Hades Battleship
Prometheus Destroyer
Charon Transport
Hephaestus Attack Platform
Missile Battery----
Laser Cannon----
Pulse Cannon----
Particle Cannon----
Gauss Cannon----
Plasma Cannon----
Large Decoy----
Weapon technology:
Shield technology:
Armour technology:
Number of simulations:
Total Ore:
Total Crystal:
Total Hydrogen: